College Counseling

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The college search and application process can be nerve-racking and full of ups and downs. Working together to identify students’ strengths, weaknesses, and needs allows us to find the best fit.

Executive Function Coaching

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Do you or your student struggle with time management, study strategies, exam preparation, or other areas of metacognition?  Together, we can evaluate key areas of concern, highlight areas of strength, and develop strategies that capitalize on these strengths while bolstering weaknesses.

Presentations & More

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Are you a member of your town’s SEPAC or Parent Teacher Association? Dana offers presentations to educators, parents, and students on the transition to college for students with disabilities.

About Dana

Dana has worked in higher education for nearly 15 years, focusing on admissions, academic support, and disability services.

More About Dana

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Dana meets with students throughout Metrowest Boston, and nationwide.