College Counseling

Having worked in colleges and universities throughout the northeast for nearly a decade and a half, Dana has seen the importance of matching a student’s academic and co-curricular interests to an institution’s offerings. By focusing on fit, we will identify schools that allow students to soar.

As a parent, you are the expert on your student, having served as their advocate since birth.  The college transition process can be a fantastic opportunity for a shift toward self-advocacy and building on your students’ strengths.  Dana especially enjoys helping parents increase their understanding and navigate this shift to help bolster their student’s successful transition to postsecondary education or college. 

Sorting through all the college variables can feel overwhelming.  Dana will work with students to identify the settings and resources that will enable them to succeed, including academic areas of interest, geographic location, class sizes, advising, tutoring, disability resources, extracurricular programs, and more.

Working together through each stage of the process, from searching and essay writing, to submitting applications and applying for financial aid and scholarships, to making the final decision, students and parents will feel confident, prepared (and even excited!) to address the challenges ahead.

“Dana is so helpful to my son in his college application process.  There is nothing that she won’t do!  She is organized and detail-oriented and helps him stay on task.”

Beth, parent of a 12th grader

To learn more and schedule a complementary 30-minute consultation, please contact Dana at your convenience.

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