Executive Function Coaching

Do you or your student struggle with time management, study strategies, exam preparation, or other areas learning how to learn (metacognition)?  Together, we can evaluate key areas of concerns, highlight areas of strength, and develop strategies that capitalize on your strengths while bolstering weaknesses.

Middle School: As students move from elementary to middle school, the responsibilities & expectations shift from teacher-directed to student-directed, maintaining a locker, moving from class to class, and organizing materials. By working together, we can create customized systems to suit students’ and parents’ needs.

Secondary School: As expectations continue to increase, students will need to strengthen their self-advocacy skills, organization, and time management. Working together allows us to highlight students’ strengths while emphasizing ways to stay organized and ahead of the game.

College: The transition to college is, perhaps, your largest undertaking yet! With more free time and room for flexibility, implementing strategies and systems to organize yourself in and out of class will lead to success. By working together, we can evaluate what worked for you during secondary school & what you hope to change, make a plan, and help you follow through!

Graduate & Professional School: Upon beginning the next, and perhaps final step in your education, you have identified your strengths and found a graduate program to match them. Working together allows us to fine-tune your strategies to ensure you are working smarter and not harder.

“Dana has been a wonderful tutor to my 10th grade son.  She has helped him with his study habits and given him tools to organize himself.  She works very well with teens, giving suggestions and feedback, and then checking in the next week to see how it worked.  She has been a godsend and has very much helped with my son’s approach to studying and assignments this year.  And my son enjoys working with her as well.  She treats him as an adult and elicits his feedback about her suggestions to see what works for him.  My son and I both highly recommend her!”

Michelle, parent of a 10th grader

“We love Dana! Dana has been part of my daughter’s increasing academic independence. She is extremely warm and personalizes everything. She helps with specific assignments, but has also worked to improve Emma’s executive functioning skills. She’s helped Emma reflect on her strengths and weaknesses, which has also improved her self-confidence. Dana succeeds in balancing a parent’s need for information with a student’s need for independence. My daughter loves working with her.”

Elissa, parent of a second year college student 

Services Available

Weekly appointments, available in-person and remotely, allow us to partner together, create a customized plan for success, stay on top of assignments, and take a proactive approach!

Dana can also work with families to advocate for students, particularly around the creation, implementation, and follow-up of their individualized education plan.

To learn more and schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation, please contact Dana at your convenience.

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