Independent College Counseling

Dana works closely with students in grades 10-12 to support them and their families throughout the college search. Collaborating with students and parents allows for a transparent working relationship, where students and parents are able to raise questions throughout the entire search, application, and decision-making process. A sampling of our work in each year includes the following:

10th grade:

-Discuss academic, extra-curricular, and career interests; Recommend connected opportunities to pursue passions and leadership positions

-Review academic record and advise on course selection based on areas of interest and academic rigor

-When applicable, review neuropsychological evaluations and IEPs/504 Plans to advise on accommodations and colleges with ideal programs

11th grade:

-Create comprehensive college list, including likely, realistic, and reach schools for student to research

-Assist in preparing for college visits and evaluating college fit following tours and interviews

-Organize standardized testing schedule and refer student to well-matched tutors

12th grade:

-Brainstorm essay topics for college essay and school-specific supplemental essays, supporting the complete writing and editing process

-Finalize college list and application strategy

-Assist student in organizing all application materials

-Guide student and family through financial aid and merit scholarship application processes

-Compare acceptance and financial aid packages to support student and family in making final college decision

-Prepare student for differences between high school and college, connect with various support services prior to the start of freshman year, and empower student to self-advocate to ensure needs are met once enrolled

Executive Function Coaching

Dana provides coaching to students on an hourly basis, and typically meets with students 1-2 times per week.

-Coaching is offered to students in grades 6-12, college, and graduate or professional school.

-Prior to working with students, Dana discusses strengths, challenges, and goals with students and parents & reviews any relevant documentation, such as neuropsychological reports and IEPs/504 Plans.

-Dana connects with families following each appointment to share information covered and raise questions or concerns, ensuring transparency and ease of communication.

Common coaching session topics include:

Project Management: planning short- and long-term assignments

Time Management: assessing in-school and out-of-school responsibilities and creating a plan to best utilize a student’s time

Paper & Presentation Preparation: reviewing teacher’s assignment, creating outlines, completing research, writing and revising drafts

Self-Advocacy: identifying strengths and weaknesses & building communication strategies to connect with teachers and peers

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