Help! My dream school deferred me…what do I do?

We’ve come to a tricky part of the admission process. Some seniors are seeing their friends receive acceptances while still waiting for their own to arrive. Others have received the news that they’ve been deferred from their top school and are uncertain what that means and what to do next. Deferrals can be rough inContinue reading “Help! My dream school deferred me…what do I do?”

Senior Summer Send-Off #4 with Anna

To round out our Senior Summer Send-offs, we hear the experience and perspective of a recent graduate who made the decision to take a gap year.  Anna has deferred from Stanford University, and she’s excited to travel to Ireland this fall.  I hope you’ll find her insight as interesting as I have! Let’s dive inContinue reading “Senior Summer Send-Off #4 with Anna”

Senior Summer Send-Off #3 with Isaac

Isaac may be new to New Orleans, but between online summer coursework and an early move-in at Tulane University, he is well on his way!  Read on for Isaac’s recommendations for a successful transition to college and his reasons for choosing Tulane. How did you spend this summer? “Once my camp was canceled for theContinue reading “Senior Summer Send-Off #3 with Isaac”

Senior Summer Send-off #1 with Josh

As incoming first-year students make their way to campus (or sit tight and log in from the comfort of home), I wanted to shed some light on different students’ experiences.  To kick off our senior summer send-off series, I connected with Josh, who is heading to Michigan State University, in East Lansing, Michigan, a large stateContinue reading “Senior Summer Send-off #1 with Josh”