Finish your Fall semester strong with these 4 strategies!

This has been a fall semester like none other. We’ve all been doing our best to simply make it work in the midst of a global pandemic. This is no easy task! Perhaps you’re back at school taking in-person classes this semester, or maybe you’re taking classes from the comfort of your childhood bedroom. NoContinue reading “Finish your Fall semester strong with these 4 strategies!”

What does a DIY project have to do with executive function coaching?

A topic I often focus on with students is project management, or how to break down a project into smaller, manageable pieces and set a corresponding timeline. Creating bite-sized tasks can make anything seem more approachable, and a good ole DIY project is no different. I’ve known I wanted to repaint this desk for myContinue reading “What does a DIY project have to do with executive function coaching?”

The ins and outs of pre-reading

In a recent student meeting with one of my college students, we focused our time on preparing for a writing assignment (write a rhetorical essay) based on an assigned reading (a case study about a woman who was terminated from her job after posting a disparaging remark on social media).  Many times, such as thisContinue reading “The ins and outs of pre-reading”