Early apps are in! Now what?

Congratulations for submitting your early applications! Perhaps you even have some rolling decisions coming back and you’re already feeling great. What happens next?

Update your portal for each school’s application

  • Spend the time to make sure each school has received all of the materials that they need in order to review your application by their deadlines.
  • In the event that any materials are missing, connect with your teachers, guidance counselors, or ACT/College Board, to confirm they have submitted your credentials. Log back into the portal to double-check.
  • This not only ensures that schools have received your materials, but also allows you to continue to demonstrate your interest, something colleges will continue to track.

Give yourself a short break

  • Use your time to make sure that you are up-to-date on all of your school assignments, connect with teachers to share your progress, and give yourself some downtime. You’ve earned it!

Jump back in and finalize your Regular Decision applications

  • I always recommend that you complete your regular decision applications before the middle of December, even if you were pretty certain that you will be admitted to at least one of your early schools.
  • Why is this? You’ll want to frame your remaining essays in the best possible light!
    • A great way to do that is to write your supplemental essays (and review them with a trusted advisor) before you have received any news that you didn’t expect, which might put you in a negative mindset. This will ensure that you are putting your best foot forward on your regular decision applications, and even better, you’ll complete all of your materials and have them ready to submit ahead of winter break, allowing you to truly take a break and enjoy your time off!

Are you or your high school student seeking support in the college search and application process? I’d love to connect and learn how I can help! Please reach out to danaroseroth@gmail.com to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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